Adtech Pro Touch Caulk Kit #0564

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Common price: $20.00 Our price: $20.00 each Weight: 3 lb
Width: 12 in
Length: 4 in
Height: 7 in


  • Ergonomic compact design & smooth pressure rod advancement
  • Steady trigger & no mess stop
  • Premium caulk removal tool
  • Includes 4 nozzle precision tips in the kit
  • 2 - 2oz premium paintable caulk
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This product is AMAZING!!! I have been doing DIY home improvement projects for about 7 years and the #1 thing i hate is using a caulking gun. That is now over. This system minimizes the mess and the excess caulking right out of the box. Just the fact that the caulking actually stops flowing when you let go of the trigger. If you are in the market for a caulking gun this is hands down the best thing you could buy

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The NEW ProTouch is the best and easiest tool I've ever used for removing old caulk and for handing household caulking projects. I've used it for kitchen (sink) and bathroom (tub) projects and it rocks. It isn't messy and it applies the perfect amount of caulk for each project. Plus, I didn't need to throw the tube out even though I only used half of the caulk for fear that it would dry up. This sits in my work shop and it's ready for the next project!

Amazon Customer
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The product was easy to use and mess free... I will definitely be using this product again on my next project!

Joseph Flynn
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I haven't actually bought this caulk yet, but I certainly will next time. We had windows installed by a neighbor and when he ran out of caulk, he told us to go buy some silicone caulk and he loaned us his gun to finish the job. I'm a bit of a klutz and when I tried to lay caulk with a standard gun it came out with gaps and globs all around the frame. Later we tried to paint the window sills, and it turns out latex paint just wont stick to silicone caulk. Then a friend loaned us his pro touch caulk kit. The caulk remover tool got the old stuff off with ease. The gun laid a bead of caulk like a professional, even with my clumsy grip. Paint went on smooth, the window frames look great now.

Jaq Attack
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I bought this because I am pretty new to DIY and regular caulking guns seem like such a hassle. I was happy with how comfortable the gun was and how easy it was to use. Considering this was my first caulking project, I have to say it came looking great and I will definitely be using this again.

Hawaii Babe
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I have 3 bathrooms and a large kitchen. I've used other heavy, large and clumsy caulking guns in the past and have been frustrated with the messy results. As a woman who prefers whenever possible to do my own handiwork - I was thrilled at the lightweight feel of this compact caulking gun. The ease of use and clean beads produced made my jobs easy, clean and professional looking. Great product!

Amazon Customer
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I own this companies Ad Tech PRO200 glue gun and it is one of my main bench tools when building wooden ship models. Knowing that they make good tools I decided to try it on the long list of caulking jobs at house. This is a great tool no doubt about it. The gun itself is drip-less and if that wasn't enough it works so smoothly that you get a perfect bead every time. It also comes with a set of different type of reusable tips and a cap so the unused caulking can be saved. What a novel idea! I had to re-caulk a bathroom, two sinks and the baseboard and trim in 4 rooms. This caulking gun made the job a lot fast and easier. I can't believe the only place I got the caulking was where it was suppose to go.

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Hands down the best tool I have ever used for caulking. I'm a real estate broker and I also do a lot of inside projects. I've use the ProTouch caulking gun to caulk baseboards, toilets, sinks and bathtubs in many of the houses I've listed and sold. This tool is different from the cheap guns you buy at a local hardware store. The amount of caulk that is dispensed is precise and there is no mess or crazy clean up. Great product!

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